I am done with mom guilt.

I am done with Mom Guilt.  I am done with feeling obligated to feel bad.  Mom Guilt insinuates that I have done something wrong. And I can assure you, that in my 9 years of mothering, I have never once purposefully fallen short. Fallen short…for sure. But not for lack of trying.  Some days I really […]

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In the Trenches

Oh, girls. . . You’re giving me a run for my money today. . Mae, you cried more than usual last night. Which is saying a lot because you are a newborn, after all. I think you knew today was your due date so you were partying-celebrating your would-be birthday. I got frustrated and felt […]

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My Placenta Previa Story

Now this is the story all about how My life got flipped, turned upside down And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there I’ll tell you how I became the….girl who ended up in a random hospital off 81. Gosh, I really humor myself sometimes. But seriously, “flipped and turned upside down” […]

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Mother’s Day – 2018.

Two Croc-laden feet, tucked under to boost him to the table. Tiny chambray shirt holding onto his mama’s arm. He asked “Pretty please, sit by me?”. She obliged. I thought of the baby we didn’t know. And the one we don’t know yet. I thought of my girl, feet now dangling towards the floor. I […]

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Seven Year Olds Aren’t So Scary

There are two standard dreaded stages of parenting:  the terrible twos (potty training, grocery store meltdowns, and food refusal) or the teens (eye rolling, dating, eating one out of house and home). But for me, upon learning I was pregnant, I immediately feared how I would parent from ages 7 to 9. I am not […]

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#KillianReads: Of Mess and Moxie

For some reason, I think you might care about my opinion on the books that I read. I want to make this a thing because I really like hearing what other, ordinary gals think of books. You should probably know that I have two speeds with books–I either read it ravenously and tell everyone they […]

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