#KillianReads: Tell Me More & After I Do

First, I know there hasn’t been much happening around here lately. I often feel like I cannot write about things until I really process them. So, although I have drafted posts on second pregnancy with titles like “I Forgot About the Sweating” and “Weathering Unnecessary Emotional Breakdowns”, I am not quite ready to hit publish just yet. I also have a side gig that involves a little writing, which is nice, and we are enjoying the freshness of summer break. In the meantime, here’s what I am reading:

Tell Me More by Kelly Corrigan

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THIS BOOK. This book ya’ll. I read it in two days. I finished it and immediately sat down to type this because you need to know about THIS BOOK.

It could be a stage of life situation or it could be that this is just genuine sage advice from a woman who has lived the seasons I am currently living. Regardless, I soaked it in. I laughed, I cried and I sent passages to my friends at all hours of the day. As one does. It was like a salve to my little hormonal heart.

Wins: So honest. Sometimes to the point of cringe-y which makes it so beautifully human and allows Corrigan to tell you the hard stuff without sounding preachy. 

Fails: Can think of none except that the tribute to her late friend, Liz left me with a lump in my throat for hours. Hurts so good. 

What you need to read: This book is FULL of quotable gems so it was hard to choose just one. But this one really hit home: “Learn to say no. And when you do, don’t complain and don’t explain. Every excuse you make is like an invitation to ask you again in a different way.”

#KillianReads Score: 10/10

Next Up: After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid

This book came as a recommendation to me and seeing how I am somewhat newlywed, I decided to give it a go. It was…okay? I kept Rob informed of the premise throughout–both curious how it would pan out and also in total disbelief that anyone would ever attempt this fiasco in real life.

Basically, after six years of marriage the couple in the novel decide that they are going to take a year off to decide if they want to save their marriage. They cycle through the predictable stuff: resentment, grief, enlightenment, adventure.

I guess having been through divorce and seeing the wreckage first hand, it seemed a bit glossy to me. That being said, it was a fun beach read and I was intrigued enough to see it through and find out what happens.

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Wins: I appreciated the honest stuff about asking for what you want and how resentment can build when you let too much go.

Fails: The characters were a bit cliche and predictable. Taking time off shouldn’t seem so idyllic.

What you need to read: “Change, at least in my life, is more often than not a slow and steady stream. It’s not an avalanche. It’s more of a snowball effect. I probably shouldn’t pontificate about my life using winter metaphors. I’ve only seen real snow three times.” 

#KillianReads Score: 5/10

Let me know if you read Tell Me More or After I Do. Anything you recommend for my next book?

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  1. The Middle Place or In The Middle…. not sure of the title….by Kelly Corrigan was really good. I read it years ago. I also read Tell Me More this spring. I agree it is a good one!

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