#KillianReads: Hanna Who Fell From the Sky

I have a thing for cults and weird religious stuff. Scientology documentary? Sign me up! Wild Wild Country? Still thinking about it. Sister Wives? Yeah, ashamed to admit I watch it during the good old “when we had cable” days.

So, when I came across Hanna Who Fell from the Sky I was immediately intrigued by the chance to get a closer look at a fictional polygamist family. The story takes place in a small town called Clearhaven and follows Hanna as she comes of age and faces her future as a sister wife.

Initially, I was intrigued by the cult stuff but I stayed for the character development. I can’t remember the last time I was so attached to fictional characters–I was really cheering for Hanna and felt so empathetic towards her mother, Kara. Their relationship was a major strong point in the novel.  Although there is a totally unexpected twist that left me feeling it was a slightly implausible ending to an otherwise really riveting, realistic book, I have still been recommending it to everyone. It is definitely a win if you want to get lost in a book for a few days.

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Wins: Relatable, dynamic characters. Cult drama. Suspenseful and a major lady heroine to cheer for.

Fails: It gets a little mystic at the end. You’ll see. Not enough to ruin it for me, however.

What you need to read: “Someone once told me that fear only subsides when joy is so powerful that you refuse to be afraid.”

#KillianReads Score: 9/10

Let me know if you read Hanna Who Fell from the Sky. Anything you recommend for my next book?

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