#KillianReads: Of Mess and Moxie

For some reason, I think you might care about my opinion on the books that I read. I want to make this a thing because I really like hearing what other, ordinary gals think of books. You should probably know that I have two speeds with books–I either read it ravenously and tell everyone they mustreaditrightnow or I put it down and pick it up several times over the course of a few weeks when I am in the “mood” for that particular book.

Of Mess and Moxie by Jen Hatmaker was a little bit of both for me. I enjoyed it so much and felt like it would spark such great conversations that I shared a few bits on my instastories and I also immediately shipped it off to my mother-in-law the day after I finished it. The fun stuff–recipes, essays on grocery shopping perils and motherhood fails–were light enough to be enjoyed after a tough day. There were a few laugh out loud commentaries on marriage that I felt compelled to read out loud to Rob. The heavier stuff–forgiveness, the state of the world and the church, the darker side of parenting–required a certain “mood” and self-reflection.

It’s worth noting, I am not a Christian book reader. I had never read anything by Jen Hatmaker before so I didn’t pick this up for that purpose. I was curious about her outlook after her recent scandal surrounding her feelings on gay marriage. Overall, I found this book to be palatable–not preachy or overwrought. I particularly appreciated her honesty in how she has grown and changed in her faith over the years  and in light of the comments she made regarding homosexuality, which has led her to be a more open, compassionate person.

Wins: Fun, honest, felt like talking to a friend. Refreshing to have fun topics alongside big, hard topics.

Fails: At times, a little Polly-Annish about the big stuff.

What you need to read: ““It’s so weird to live in this world. What a bizarre tension to care deeply about the refugee crisis in Syria and also about Gilmore Girls. It is so disorienting to fret over aged-out foster kids while saving money for a beach vacation. Is it even okay to have fun when there is so much suffering in our communities and churches and world? What does it say about us when we love things like sports, food, travel, and fashion in a world plagued with hunger and human trafficking?” 

#KillianReads Score: 9/10

Let me know if you read Of Mess and Moxie. Anything you recommend for my next book?


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