We are going to call this a blog, even though those are apparently dying. If you want the new, cool thing- you should find yourself a podcast. This is my current favorite.

I have toyed around with idea of having a blog. I actually had one a long time ago when Austen was a baby but I think my intentions were misplaced. I was lonely and unhappy and my posts sounded a lot like someone in need of a friend. It was all a little needy and tone deaf.

These days, I am looking for a place to put my thoughts on motherhood but also, other things. I have changed and my worldview is a little bigger and I would like this place to reflect that. My Instagram captions are notoriously long and full of feelings and I thought a website was more apt to practice my craft.

There is also a tab where you can access the places I have been published–a list I hope to grow in 2018. My big picture goal is to write a book, however. So, this little blog is going to serve as the gym where I flex my writing muscle. My hope is that is also becomes a place you like to visit to hear some like-minded thoughts or maybe a different perspective.

I am so glad you’re here.

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